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Recite the Qur'an with understanding and remember Allah with sincerity,
In this day you should be balance in your affairs,
Satisfied with your alloted portion,
Concernedwith your appearance and health..(",)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

i-city...@ lights of wonderland

To fulfill my promise, I and zatie went to i-city last night coz every weekend I’m not in s.alam. (our housemate can’t join us- having test and so on). It was so amazing when I saw a sea of beautiful lights shining from a small hill, skyscrapers every where... It was a very pretty sight! I-City’s Lights Winter Wonderland for me..(selama nie duk ngintai kat tingkat umah je..skali datang salji pun ada)…Now, in front of you ainna..jeng3x. In short, I-City is the latest MSC Malaysia Cybercentre Zone Shah Alam, Selangor @ Cyberjaya.
Together with me is my cute digital camera..(camera nie dh pernah jatuh..so gambar xberapa nk sharp..but ok la…leh challenge DSLR) and my luvely lady…Nurul Ezatie Baderi. So xyah nk cite banyak…enjoy all the pictures k….(^_~)

Nurul Ezatie Baderi

my nightmare pun ada kat sini...

Merenung mase depan nmpk nye swan nie....

beautiful swan lake..or garden

Light wonderland...(^__^)

Comel kan.....

beautiful sight!

Disepanjang berada di sini duk fikir apakah peranan i-city nie..duk2 fikir2 sambil jalan dapatla di buat kesimpulan..yg i-city nie terdiri dr 5 A..lebih mungkin but nie je yg ainna nmpak smlm...lagipun pernah bace kat one of article dlm google.. The 5 As are:
  • A cyberport-which will act as an IT backbone for I-City
  • A one-million sq ft lifestyle commercial town centre
  • A residential community
  • An office park and
  • A shop-office district.
Ultimately, rase nye nie la sbb i-city bercahaya..tuk mengamit penduduk akan kehadiran nye...the aims (maybe) is to create a campus (uitm n unisel serta sekolah dekat)-style live (pusat komuniti)-work environment (perindustrian kan...) integrated into a large open space that boasts a lake that will also provide a waterfront environment.

Kengkawan mai la datang sini...i'm not sure how long the display will be there...nak datang roger2 ye...nie ada link tuk map ke i-city nie.... some other pictures ada kat dlm fb ainna..(*__*)


zaza_sakura85 said...

heheheheh..memang cantik kan Ainna..xpela even pergi kejap je pun,at least sampai jugak kte ke sana...semua lampu pon cantik2, paling best kat dalam Snow House, sejuk..hehehe..pape pon,thanx to Ainna for bringing me there, after some time dreaming to be there..=)..love u....(^_^)...tapi kalau semalam bawak ur Pau Yang Sedap tu mesti lagi best kan,leh makan2 di bawah cahaya lampu yang bergemenrlapan,hehe...in my dream =p..

raudah sakinah said...

huhuhu..kejap2 pu tie, sejam kite di sana...(^_~)a'a...nanti kite g lagi k..kite bw rombongan skali..kite wat trip pelancong...hhuhuhu..cite pasal pau,las2 ainna duk nyam2x sensorang kat depan tv ...dh dlm perut dh tie...

HangLiJo said...

woo~ cantikkk!

raudah sakinah said...

maila una datang s.alam....